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Tree Removal in Kent

No job is too big or small. We prune trees and hedges, fit all types of fences, fell dangerous trees and cover everything in between. All waste is disposed of properly and we recycle whenever possible.

Tree Pruning
Reduction & Thinning

Our team of experts in the areas of
architecture, engineering, management and construction bring you the insight and advice you need for your project.

Tree Removal
(Dismantling and Felling)

Our team of experts in the areas of
architecture, engineering, management and construction bring you the insight and advice you need for your project.


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All waste is disposed of properly.

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Why might you want a tree removing?

Often trees are removed because they have simply outgrown their situation. They may have become alarmingly large for their proximity to your house, they may be interfering with your property, or they may simply have grown to block off so much light that they spoil your enjoyment of your home and garden.

We are fully competent, skilled and equipped to remove your tree using whichever method is most appropriate. Our extensive tree surgery experience and training means we are very happy to provide our services handling all removals including big difficult trees, and ensuring the safe completion of what is potentially very dangerous work.

Dismantling / Sectional Felling

Most likely your tree will require dismantling in manageable pieces, enabling us to avoid obstacles and minimize disturbance. Wherever necessary we use the latest rope rigging techniques to cut and lower each branch safely to the ground. This is complex and technical work for the tree surgeon, and you can rest assured that we have been trained in the latest and safest techniques available.


Normally we are working in restricted situations and avoiding obstacles such as buildings, which make straightforward felling an unsuitable technique.

However, where space allows and it is appropriate, felling is a very skilled task requiring the precision and experience that we bring to all our work.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is the process for removal of tree stumps. We can grind out tree stumps into a woodchip mulch mixture from as small as 2 cm to as big as you can imagine, leaving the surrounding area undisturbed and tidy this enables you to reuse the area and makes your garden more appealing.

What Is Stump Grinding?

When removing a tree or large shrub to ground level, a small proportion of the trunk or stem remains in the ground. This is known as the “Stump”. A stump can remain in the ground without causing any harm. However; if you wish to replant or lay more lawn, then it is necessary to remove the stump. The stump will also need removing for: a new building / outhouse to be constructed, a new fence to be erected or when it is just not appealing to leave an old stump in the lawn. The most efficient way of removing a stump is by using a stump grinder. The stump grinder has a large cutter wheel with a number of teeth, this is positioned close to the stump and lowered progressively whilst panning left to right until the stump is ground out.

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